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Ratings For Mattresses And Their Meaning

Ratings For Mattresses And Their Meaning

Best Adult
These are considered the Premium in Mattress sets. Having the best in springs, and the finest in foams usually with Memory, Gel Foams for the best in a night’s sleep. Also, usually these mattresses sets are a 15 to 20 year life mattress with a great night sleep.
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Better Adult
This is one step down from the Premium Mattress sets, Best Adult. They are a little less in springs, and the thickness of foams. Many times these will still have Memory, Gel Foams and give great night’s sleep, but not as plush as the BEST ADULT. Usually these mattress sets are a 10-15 year life mattress set.
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Adults & Children Desiring A Better Mattress
This is the better children’s mattress sets. It is a more deluxe set than the Children’s and Guest rooms; having more springs with higher gauge springs, better topping of foam for more plushness. For Adults it would be the entry level mattress sets with usually a 5 to 10 year life expectancy. For children it would be the Better First Mattress for a child.
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Children & Guest Rooms
This is usually the lower priced mattress sets. And usually the least costly to manufacture, meaning it has lower warranty, fewer springs, and less topping of foam for plushness with a possible 1 year warranty, and 5 to 10 year life as they are usually not used as much with a lighter weight child, or in a guest room used occasionally.
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