Runners can protect hard flooring in high traffic areas and are ideal for hallways — but did you know you can also use a runner to add beauty to your bedside, kitchen, or even bathroom? Get all the need-to-know details on runners ahead, and find the one that’s perfect for your space.

About Hallway Runners

Long, narrow and rectangular in shape, runner rugs are designed to fit those tricky spaces where a standard-size rectangular rug just won’t work. Runners most commonly measure between 2 and 3 feet wide, and can range anywhere from 4 to 12 feet in length. And since they are available in the full range of colors and materials, you’re sure to find a runner that suits your space and lifestyle.

When to consider a rug runner:


  • Add warmth to a long hallway.
  • Provide a durable and stylish welcome in the mudroom or entry.
  • Beside a double-width vanity in the bathroom.
  • Place a runner on each side of the bed.
  • Layer atop wall-to-wall carpeting in a bland hallway for a dose of style.


When choosing a pattern for your runner, stripes, geometric prints, and traditional oriental style designs are especially well suited to this shape. Solid colors and natural fibers are other popular options that work well with any style.

Common materials and construction methods of hallway runners:

  • Braided: Braided rugs were common in early Colonial American homes. Because of their unique braided construction, most braided area runners are reversible.
  • Hooked: These soft runners are made by pushing yarns into a fabric base, creating a rounded, looped appearance and springy texture.
  • Hand-woven: Hand-woven runners can be hand-knotted or flat-woven. A hand-woven runner without knots produces a flat-woven rug like a Kilim.
  • Wool: Wool is a high quality runner rug material that makes for a soft and natural feel underfoot. Wool has natural soil and stain resistance.
  • Natural fiber: Jute is a natural fiber that comes from the stalk of the same plant used to make burlap; it is very soft underfoot. Sisal is a natural fiber made from the agave plant; it is very durable, but not as soft as jute.

Design variations to know: 

  • Traditional oriental runner rugs are sophisticated and classic.
  • Vintage overdyed runners pair timeless oriental rug designs with a modern twist — lush, super-saturated color.
  • Indoor-outdoor runners are made from synthetic materials designed to withstand sun, sand, and weather, making them incredibly low-maintenance.
  • Runners in shades of blue, black and gray look fresh and current.
  • Braided runners have a warm, casual appeal.
  • Moroccan style runner rugs are hip and eclectic.

Decorating with Runners

Runners are popular for use in hallways, kitchens, and narrow spaces like the laundry room or walk-in closet. Runner rugs bring a layer of softness, warmth and style to a space, and encourage the flow of foot traffic in transitional spaces from one room to another.

Where to use runners: 

  • Alongside a kitchen island.
  • Beside a double-width vanity in the bathroom.
  • In the mudroom.
  • Down a long hallway.
  • Inside a narrow walk-in closet.
  • On each side of the bed.
  • In a small laundry room.

Room By Room

Wondering which rug material works for the room you need to furnish? Pick just the right runner for each room in the house with this quick checklist.

  • Mudroom: Since durability is key, so go with sisal, a hooked rug in a synthetic material, or an indoor-outdoor rug.
  • Hallway: Get a soft feel underfoot without sacrificing durability with a hooked or tufted rug in synthetic fibers or natural wool. Have a really busy household? Go with an indoor-outdoor rug for maximum durability.
  • Kitchen: Opt for a stain-resistant indoor-outdoor rug, or wool which is naturally stain-resistant.
  • Bedroom: Go for something soft like a hooked or tufted rug.
  • Laundry Room: If your laundry room also shares space with a busy zone like the mudroom, go for durable sisal, a hooked rug in a synthetic material or an indoor-outdoor runner. If it’s a stand-alone laundry space, choose something soft but still durable like a hooked or tufted rug in synthetic fibers or natural wool.


Find Your Perfect Hallway Runner Rug

Remember to measure your space before selecting a runner to be sure the rug you bring home is a perfect fit. But remember, you’re always welcome to try out your new rug at home for 30 days, and if it’s not right for any reason we’ll take it back, no questions asked.

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