Never underestimate the power of accent furniture. Anchor pieces might take up most of the real estate in a room, but extras like accent chairs or decorative chests play an important role. These smaller pieces come together to round out a look, offering the balance and added interest space needs to feel thoughtful and finished. That's why it's important to choose wisely. Keep these three tips in mind as you pick accent pieces for your space.

Accent pieces might be the supporting characters in your scene, but that doesn't mean they have to echo everything your other furniture is already saying. This is your chance to mix it up. Adding some contrast or unexpected elements gives the overall look that depth and dimension professional designers have a knack for adding. 

Have a traditional sofa? Consider a mid-century coffee table. A rustic console table might go well with a farmhouse feel. Glam end tables can add a little something extra to a transitional room. Feel free to go all-out eclectic or follow the 80/20 rule, which encourages choosing one main style (80% of the room) and a supporting style (20% of the room). Many people like elements of several different styles. Accent pieces offer a way to play that up and express your personal taste.

Accent Tables

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