Do you love to relax in your favorite recliner at the end of the day, but have a hard time getting back to your feet again? Lift chairs solve the challenge of getting back up out of a comfortable chair. These innovative, powered chairs offer various recline settings and comfortable support. When it’s time to get up, these chairs gently tilt forward, helping you back to your feet again.
Recliner lift chairs are built on a mechanical frame which allows the chair to raise up while simultaneously tilting forward. These chairs also serve as recliners, offering various positions to keep you comfortable and to help you relax. Most lift chairs are powered and are operated by the use of a handheld remote.
It’s important to note that some older lift chairs were operated by the use of springs, rather than by electrical power. Once the springs started to operate, the chair could not be stopped and the force would sometimes throw the user out of the chair. When shopping for a lift chair, it is best and safest to buy a chair that is electrically powered, making for a smoother and controllable lift.
As you shop for a lift chair, you will find that the chairs offer different recline settings. Some chairs offer two positions, others offer three positions, and some chairs even feature infinite position options. Just which lift chair style is right for you will depend on your preferences and needs. Infinite position lift chairs offer more options and increased comfort, but typically cost more than two-position and three-position chairs.
Before you buy a lift chair, make sure that the chair will comfortably fit into your home. Check the chair’s dimensions to make sure that you have a space to accommodate the chair, but remember that as the chair reclines, it will require additional room in front of and behind where it is positioned.

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